10 Bible Verses about Your Worth

How can you know whether you are valuable or not? “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more … Continued

How Parents’ Rejection Impacts Children

When Dorie and her sister were left at the orphanage, her mother promised to visit them. And she did—twice over a span of seven years. At the first visit, Dorie, exuding immense excitement, immediately ran to her calling out, “Mother! … Continued

Do You Need a New Self-Image?

Dorie Van Stone says, “Let me encourage you to begin with God. Christ is the Wonderful Counselor, who can be trusted.” Money, education, possessions, and beauty are all things our society uses to gauge a person’s worth. But we make … Continued

How Rejection Affects Children

Dorie writes about monthly visits to the orphanage by couples looking to adopt a child. “My dread of those ‘special days’ escalated month by month. No doubt I reflected the rejection I felt. My shoulders drooped with the agony of … Continued

What is an Inferiority Complex?

How could Dorie not feel inferior when for years she was continuously treated as inferior? Emblazoned in her memory are scenes of her mother tucking her sister into bed saying, “Marie is a pretty girl—she’s not like you.” Then after … Continued

10 Dangerous Self-Worth Substitutes

Although Dorie was powerless to prevent unjustified beatings at the oppressive orphanage, she learned how to get power by overpowering the other children. This gave her the feeling of significance—a sense of self-worth. “If I can be tough,” she reasoned, … Continued

7 Things You Need to Know About Your Self Worth

One day at the orphanage, Dorie sat riveted at the back of a room hearing words she had never heard before—words foreign to her heart—words from a group of college students. But what Dorie heard couldn’t be true! God didn’t … Continued

How to Resolve Your Guilt

Dorie understands the waves of guilt with which countless victims struggle. Victims of childhood sexual abuse typically struggle with guilt even though they are not guilty of the abuse. A reason for the ongoing after-the-fact guilt is that they think … Continued

Learn From Your Mistreatment

Mistreatment is no stranger to any of us. Why then, in the face of misfortune, do some victims see themselves as having little value, while others live victoriously in light of their true value? What makes the difference? The victorious … Continued

7 Steps to Self-Acceptance

It is possible for you to acquire a positive self-image and to learn to value yourself as God values you. In order to do that, God wants you to accept the following seven truths about yourself. I accept God’s Word … Continued