8 Practical Ways to Process Grief

All of us experience deep grief and mourning. If you stay locked in a prison of emotional pain, your heart will become deadened to hope. Realize that you have a Savior who experienced the most severe grief—the One who agonized … Continued

How Can Guilt Produce Grief?

So many times grief and guilt walk hand in hand. When we are in the throes of guilt, it is not uncommon for us to lament, “If only I had … I should have … Why didn’t I … !” … Continued

Grief: Fact or Fiction

Like favorite folk remedies for a winter cold, solutions for overcoming grief are numerous and seem to be offered by everyone. When grieving a loss, you can expect to receive plenty of advice, especially from well-intentioned family and friends valiantly … Continued

Quiz: Are You Carrying Repressed Grief?

Have you seen someone smiling, yet within the smile you recognized sadness? Have you heard someone laughing, though you knew the heart was not healed? This is a picture of “repressed grief.” “Even in laughter the heart may ache, and … Continued

Understanding Grief, Mourning and Chronic Grief

Who has not questioned the reason for pain and suffering in the world? Certainly some people have become hardened by their losses, while others have become softened; God used their grief to cultivate in them tender, understanding hearts. Only days … Continued

7 Ways to Find Comfort in Grief

How true the saying, “All sunshine makes a desert.” God knows that if you never experience the storms of life—if the rain clouds never release their water—you will never see flower gardens grow. You need to blossom in the areas … Continued

What Are the 3 Stages of Healthy Grieving?

What Are the 3 Stages of Healthy Grieving?

Emotional complications occur when we block the natural process of grieving. Have you ever told yourself, I need to get my act together. I’ve got to snap out of it. I should be handling this better! These self-incriminating thoughts reveal … Continued

Building Up the Bereaved

Building Up the Bereaved

When someone experiences a devastating loss, God most often uses the comfort and encouragement of others to bring healing. As you reach out to others with the compassion of Christ, consider the following helpful hints for building others up when … Continued

Processing Grief: Godly or Worldly Sorrow

Processing Grief: Godly or Worldly Sorrow

Biblical Example: Judas and Peter Each of us has experienced the grief of betrayal. Nothing wounds the heart more deeply than the betrayal of a trusted friend. Jesus understood the grief of betrayal, not just by one of his closest … Continued