How To Forgive Even When It’s Difficult

Forgiveness is not contingent on resolution, nor is it based on feelings. Forgiveness is a choice—a choice to do what God tells you to do. Realize that when Jesus was being crucified on the cross, He said, “Father, forgive them, … Continued

Why Forgiveness is Hard to Give

Everyone has been created with three God-given needs—the needs for love, for significance, and for security. Many people who have been hurt feel insignificant and powerless; therefore, they try to get their need for significance met by withholding forgiveness. Unforgiveness … Continued

Reasons Why We Should Forgive

Carrying around unforgiveness is like carrying a sack of cement all day long. If you hold unforgiveness in your heart, you are walking around with a weight that God never intended you to carry. Unforgiveness becomes a burden, and Jesus … Continued

How to Forgive and Bless Your Enemy

Jesus said, “Love your enemies.” Impossible! Unrealistic! No way! People can’t love their enemies! At least that’s the assumption. Yet the Greek word agape, translated “love” in this passage, by definition means “a commitment to seek the highest good of … Continued

How to Forgive … Again

In the Olympics, a boxer doesn’t simply step into the ring and register a knockout with the first punch. Most often, it takes many rounds of exchanging many blows before a winner is announced. For the most part, forgiveness is … Continued

Resolution vs. Reconciliation

Resolution and reconciliation are different. Resolution means “finding the answer,” derived from the Latin resolutionem, “the process of reducing things into simpler form” or “to lessen.” Reconciliation means “100% restoration to harmony”; “to bring together again.” Some differences may never … Continued

18 Characteristics of A Forgiving Heart

When the Spirit of Christ is rooted within you, He produces fruit consistent with the character of Christ. The moment you entrust your life to Jesus, you are “sealed” with the Holy Spirit, who dwells within you for the rest … Continued

Scripture Verses to Help Us Forgive

How is the forgiveness I give related to the forgiveness the Heavenly Father gives me? “If you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, … Continued