Learn How to be Fearless

Throughout the Bible God repeats the instruction over and over and over: “Do not fear. Do not be afraid. Fear not.” God tells us not to fear circumstances, people, things. But we are told, “Fear the LORD your God, serve … Continued

What to do When You’re Full of Fear

The Psalm 23 Strategy When you are stricken with fear, take in hand Psalm 23. Follow each of the steps presented with each verse. Psalm 23 is the most beloved and most requested passage in the Bible, and for good reason. … Continued

Replace Your Fear with Facts

Like Gideon, if you grew up in an environment where fear reigned, you could easily have developed a fear-based mentality as a child and then grown into an adult who is now controlled by the fear. At times, you feel … Continued

9 Ways to Overcome Fear with Faith

Gideon moves from the testing of God to triumph with God from a fear-based fleece to a faith-based foundation. Previously, Gideon kept asking God for supernatural signs affirming that God would do what He clearly and repeatedly said He would … Continued

What are Common Causes of Fear?

What causes Gideon—the man God destines to be one of the greatest leaders in history—to fear the army God promises to defeat? There are two major reasons: Firstly, Gideon lacks military experience, and secondly, he has lived under the oppression … Continued

Is Your Level of Anxiety Productive or Paralyzing?

Biblical Example: Gideon Although Gideon was afraid, Gideon gradually comes to realize that God’s call to a person is never dependent on that person’s strength or ability. God’s call is always determined by His own plan and power, and we … Continued

Overcome Fear: Once and For All!

Biblical Example: Gideon Gideon’s greatest weakness eventually becomes his greatest strength. He discovers that when he acknowledges he is weak and inadequate, God’s strength and adequacy prevail in him. Imagine! God has an encounter with a fear-filled Gideon and reveals … Continued

Understanding Fear

Now, imagine trying to thresh wheat in a winepress of all places! To thresh—to separate the chaff from the wheat—a gentle breeze in the outdoor air is needed to winnow the chaff. As all is thrown up into the air, … Continued