7 Tips to Conquer Depression

When you are feeling depressed, encourage yourself and others with these 7 Bible verses and reminders.    1. Confront any loss in your life, allowing yourself to grieve and be healed. “[There is] a time to weep and a time … Continued

6 Physical Contributors to Depression

Real Life Example: Andrea Yates Most people know little about hormonal postpartum depression. Andrea Yates suffered from this disorder long before having her fifth child. While 60–70 percent of birth mothers experience mild depression called postnatal or “baby blues” (unexplained … Continued

Do you have Hidden Depression?

Follow these steps to discover if you have masked depression and the steps to defuse and drop the issues you may have been holding on to. Draw a long, horizontal line representing your life. Divide the line into three sections … Continued

24 Emotional Causes of Depression

Some people say, “Depression is anger turned inward.” That statement is not always true, but it is true when anger is repressed. Repression occurs when unacceptable desires and emotions are blocked from a person’s awareness and left to operate in … Continued

11 Things to Focus on when Feeling Depressed

11 Things to Focus on when Feeling Depressed

With God’s leading, we can choose to redirect our thinking, perspectives and take action everyday. Read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24 (a key passage to read and reread when battling depression). It reminds us of the practical and positive choices we, and … Continued

Why does God Allow Depression?

Why does God Allow Depression?

God has a purpose for everything that touches you. Even the storm clouds in your life are useful in the hands of God. Depression can heighten your awareness of God and increase your dependency on God. It can open your … Continued