Four Types of Conflict

In the book of Esther, Esther faces an inner conflict just as heavy, just as grave, just as deadly as the outer conflict caused by Haman. On multiple levels, Esther is a conflicted soul. Where will she find the strength, the … Continued

Resolving Your Conflict with God

Conflict with people is one matter—but conflict with God is another. Why is conflict with God the worst conflict? Can you imagine the small parts of a watch refusing to operate as the watchmaker designed them to operate? What if … Continued

How To Forgive Even When It’s Difficult

Forgiveness is not contingent on resolution, nor is it based on feelings. Forgiveness is a choice—a choice to do what God tells you to do. Realize that when Jesus was being crucified on the cross, He said, “Father, forgive them, … Continued

Resolution vs. Reconciliation

Resolution and reconciliation are different. Resolution means “finding the answer,” derived from the Latin resolutionem, “the process of reducing things into simpler form” or “to lessen.” Reconciliation means “100% restoration to harmony”; “to bring together again.” Some differences may never … Continued

The What, Why, and How of Boundaries

Boundaries are established limits—lines not to be crossed. When a boundary is exceeded, the result is a repercussion. If a boundary is honored, the result is a reward. When parents establish boundaries, their children are the ones who choose to … Continued

6 Things to Do When Facing Criticism

Human nature says respond “in kind” to others—insult for insult, blow for blow. One of the clearest challenges of Christ is to not respond “in kind,” but to respond “in the Spirit.” To be Spirit-controlled rather than situation-controlled is not … Continued

Seven Principles for Facing Conflict

7 Principles for Facing Conflict

The Book of Philemon is a great example of how Christians should respond to conflict. June Hunt takes seven practical principles from Paul’s letter to Philemon that we can apply when aiming for reconciliation after conflict. HUMILITY—Don’t use your higher … Continued

6 Things to Know When Responding to Difficult Personalities

6 Things to Know When Responding to Difficult Personalities

Our personal ways of “fighting” come from our natural instinct, personality and early family dynamics.  Many of us are unable to defuse conflict because we are repeating the extreme patterns of childhood, either attacking or avoiding. June Hunt further categorizes these personalities … Continued