How to Depend on God

If you live your life with a misplaced dependency on others, you will miss the extraordinary relationship God planned for you to have with Him—you may even miss salvation and heaven. When God created you, He planned for you to … Continued

Bible Verses about Codependency

Read the following verses that are helpful to memorize while you are in the process of healing from codependency.   What does the Lord say about making people like gods, putting them before my relationship with Him?      “You shall have … Continued

7 Steps Toward Healthy Relationships

We all love to see pictures of babies and then to see their stairstep growth into young adulthood. Built within little, immature children is the ability to grow to maturity. Why should it be any less for immature adults? They … Continued

Causes of Codependency: 5 Stages of Childhood Development

What draws people into destructive, codependent relationships? The answer is most often found in their childhood pain—a past pain that impacts their adult choices. In reality, codependent people are grown-ups who have never grown up. The Bible refers to immature … Continued

6 Steps to Healing Your Codependency

Your Codependent Relationship List One effective way to confront codependent love relationships is by using the “written word.” Spelling out your thoughts, feelings, and actions will actually distance them from you so that you can look at them. Putting your … Continued

What is Biblical Dependency?

God Wants You to Depend on Him Read these reminders of the dependency we should have on God, described in the following verses. To totally rely on Him, not on people or things or self-effort. “My salvation and my honor … Continued

What is the Root Cause of Codependency

What is the Root Cause of Codependency?

Everyone is created with three God-given inner needs—the need for love, for significance, and for security. If we expect or demand that another person meet all of our needs or if we become dependent on another person to do so, … Continued

11 Common Codependent Relationships

11 Common Codependent Relationships

In a codependent relationship, one person is seen as weak and the other as strong. The weak one appears totally dependent on the strong one. But the one who appears strong is actually weak because of the excessive need to … Continued

10 Steps to Confronting Your Own Codependency – June Hunt, Hope for Your Heart

10 Steps to Confronting Your Own Codependency

Codependency does not flow from an unchangeable personality flaw or some genetic fluke. A codependent relationship is rooted in immaturity, a fact that should give great hope to those caught in its addictive cycle. While change is never easy, growing … Continued