How Angry are You?

The next time you light a candle, allow your eyes to scan the scintillating hues and shades of the flame. Notice the light blue at the center—that’s actually the hottest part of the flame, measuring 1,400° Celsius (2,552° F). The … Continued

The Blame Game: Misdirected Anger

QUESTION: “Why do some people take their anger out on an innocent bystander—those who have nothing to do with the problem?” ANSWER: Imagine, after having a flat tire, the boss begins yelling at his employee … who in turn arrives … Continued

QUIZ: Hidden Anger

The hidden anger from childhood hurts can directly affect present-day outbursts. Many people live life unaware that they have hidden anger—suppressed anger that only occasionally surfaces. While this hidden anger is usually rooted in past childhood hurts, the underlying effects … Continued

How To Alleviate Your Present Anger

Because “anger is one letter short of danger” (this saying is more than a catchy phrase), these words reflect a painful truth. Too many times the tongue has not been tamed, conversations have escalated out of control, and people and … Continued

QUIZ: The Anger Questionnaire

Fire investigators have the responsibility of analyzing the aftermath of a fire to determine where the fire started, what started it, and why it got out of control. The goal is to formulate a plan to prevent such fires from … Continued

Managing Anger: 7 Things Everyone Should Know

Do you always view anger as negative and sinful? Do you seek to hide your anger from others, even from yourself in hopes of snuffing it out? Misunderstandings about anger give this powerful emotion a less than positive reputation! If … Continued

4 Types of Misused Anger

Do you misuse your anger? Periodically, everyone feels the heat of anger, but how you handle the heat determines whether or not you are misusing it. The small flame that lights a cozy campfire, if left unchecked, can just as … Continued

How Unrealistic Expectations Lead to Anger

Unrealistic Expectations It is easy to adopt the unrealistic expectation that we have the power to determine what people should do or how situations should be. “My destiny should be this; therefore, people should do that.” Typically, we pray and … Continued

How to Accept God’s Aim for Anger

Forest rangers who care for and protect national parks occasionally say they have to “start a fire to stop a fire.” Known as backfires, these fires help deprive the main fire of fuel and better enable forest rangers and firefighters … Continued

What is the Root Cause of Anger?

What is the Root Cause of Anger?

The root cause of extended anger is typically based on a “wrong” premise about “rights.”  When we feel that our real or perceived “rights” have been violated, we can easily respond with anger. But what are our legitimate rights? One … Continued